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 Financial Conversations
Coaching and Coaching Skills Training


 Are you a financial advisor 
looking for a way to grow your practice?

Do you want to enjoy your life more?

Financial Coaching

   Using Financial Conversations®  
Coaching Skills,
you will be able to

  • Have more meaningful conversations with clients and prospects.
    Conversations in which their thoughts, values, feelings, and beliefs are revealed to you, the advisor;
  • Identify and address clients' "land-mine" thoughts, values, feelings, and beliefs about money so you can plan/advise more successfully;
  • Cut through the "facade," and access your client's innate wisdom, so they take a greater sense of ownership in the implementation of financial plans;
  • Develop deeper, more productive and sustainable relationships with your clients;
  • Have more fun relating to clients who are excited about their current and future goals; and
  • Provide better services, advice, and plans that have a high probability of being utilized.

Financial Conversations®
has done
is take all
the conceptual,
high level thinking about
life planning
and made
practical applications available to financial advisors"

Bob Veres
Financial Columnist

Learn more about our programs.
And let us show you how coaching and using effective coaching skills
can help you become an even more successful Financial Advisor.

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